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As the biologic and specialty medication industry grows and access to therapy is difficult, we want to help! By bringing on a knowledgeable Biologic Coordinator, your patients will get the medications they need and the support they deserve!
We provide Biologic Coordinator services that include initiating prior authorizations, writing appeals, and communicating with patients on all approvals and denials.

We have exclusive in-office training and educational resources that will assist in getting best outcomes and will optimize your patients access to therapy.

In office Assessment and Training

Specializing in addressing medication delays and adherence issues, our team is dedicated to streamlining processes for offices. We customize office protocols by meticulously outlining the patient journey, beginning from the front office through to the back office and every step in between. This personalized approach ensures a comprehensive strategy to identify and rectify issues, promoting efficiency and enhancing overall medication management.

Biologic Coordinator Services

With our advanced training and support services, we aim to empower your office staff to excel as advocates for your patients. Acting as the vital link between insurance, specialty pharmacies, and patients, our objective is to simplify this intricate process. Streamlining solutions to manage the complexities associated with biologics and facilitate a smoother initiation of therapy for your patients.

Continued Support and Resources

We are dedicated to ensuring you have access to all the necessary resources to stay informed about the latest developments in insurance, pharmaceutical drug programs, and patient assistance. Our commitment extends to providing tools and templates that simplify chart note documentation, making the process easy and efficient for you. Stay up-to-date and streamline your workflow with our comprehensive suite of resources tailored to meet your informational and documentation needs.


Why Outsource your Biologics?

By leveraging the expertise of BC Educators, medical offices have access to a pool of highly skilled professionals with specialized knowledge in biologics and specialty medications. Gain more than just a dedicated biologic coordinator for your specialty medications – you’ll have an entire support team at your service! Your biologic coordinator serves as the sole point of contact for your patients, ensuring they stay informed and aware of the entire process. Experience quick prior authorization (PA) turnaround times and efficient appeal writing, minimizing therapy interruptions and promoting heightened patient compliance. Additionally, our comprehensive training program extends to your entire office staff, providing customized tools and tailored resources for enhanced proficiency.

Current specialties we support are..

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