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As the biologic and specialty medication industry grows and access to therapy is difficult, we want to help! By bringing on a knowledgeable Biologic Coordinator, your patients will get the medications they need and the support they deserve! 

We provide Biologic Coordinator services that include initiating prior authorizations, writing appeals, and communicating with patients on all approvals and denials. 

We have exclusive in-office training and educational resources that will assist in getting best outcomes and will optimize your patients access to therapy.

In office Assessment and Training

Our team is specialized in helping offices identify the issues with medication delays and adherence so that the process can be streamlined. We will create a personalized office protocol by detailing the patient journey starting with the front office all the way to the back office and everything in between.

BC Services

Through our enhanced training and support services, we strive to help your office staff become the best at being an advocate for your patients. As the liaison between insurance, specialty pharmacies, and patients, the process tends to become chaotic. Our goal is to streamline the process and handle the intricacies pertaining to biologics and getting your patients started on therapy.

Continued Support and Resources

We want to make sure that you have all the resources that you need to continue to stay up to date on the latest changes to insurance, Pharma drug programs, and patient assistance. We will create tools and templates to make chart note documentation easy!





Does your office have a Biologic Coordinator?

We will place a remote BC that has experience and can make sure your patients are able to start and stay on therapy! Not only will you have a dedicated biologic coordinator to handle all of your specialty medications, but you will have a whole team of support! We will train your entire office staff, and customize tools and resources. Let us know if you need full time, part time, or temporary support! We will ensure your patients are kept up to date and know what to expect throughout the whole process!

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Wow! what a great service!


This is great! Such a needed resource! I love you are offering this!

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Offices really need help understanding biologics, so we can help our patients better! What a great service! Biologic Coordinator

Biologic Coordinator
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